UV Anti-Mold Lighting

Infinite Air Cleaning embraces change and strives for innovation. As the HVAC industry changes and progresses, our professionals have made a constant effort to progress at the same rate. Our approach to purifying home and business environments is a perfect example of that!

We use cutting edge and environmentally-friendly technology, UV Lighting, to combat mold or biofilm infiltration. It's true. Harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold can be controlled within the duct system with UV Lighting. Common bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics that they can now kill or traditional cleaning agents.

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What People Are Saying About Us

The guys came out and did a great job cleaning my air duct system! They were professional and curtious. They had everything done in about 3 hours (including the returns and all 13 registers) and they cleaned up behind themselves after they were done. I would definitely recommend them to others.”

-Joe from Clayton, NC