We use Benefect® Disinfectant, a green product that safely purifies homes and businesses creating a safer place for residence and employees, ultimately keeping those with weakened immune systems healthier.

Benefect® Disinfectant is a botanical disinfectant and fungicide cleaner and deodorizer. Ideal for many applications including grey or black water damage, mold remediation, body cleanup, carpet deodorizing and anywhere else germs or odor control is required. It's very effective on organic matter and has been used by industry leading professionals since 2000.

Benefect is EPA registered as a No Rinse No Wipe product. Just spray and walk away.TM There are no label warnings or precautionary statements for use or disposal. Personal protective equipment is not required, making Benefect Disinfectant the safest choice for home and business owners and your employees.

We spray Benefect into the air system after we clean. It kills mold, bacteria, and odor. Do the job right… the first time and breathe infinitely better!

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Our company has been using the services of Infinite Air Cleaning, LLC since 2007 with very good results. We have found Infinite Air Cleaning, LLC to be effective, responsive, cost conscious & extremely professional!”

-Bill Barney from BHV Restaurant Companies, LLC.